Tron Evolution Characters by Herbert Lowis

Herbert Lowis currently a senior character artist at Bioware Montreal. Previously worked at Propaganda Games working on Tron Evolution game published by Disney Interactive, he also work on Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age at Bioware. Below are some of his amazing character work from TRON Evolution

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Tron_Anon_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_Blackguard_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_Blackguard_Zbrush_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_LightCycle_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_SpiderTron_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_SpiderTron_Zbrush_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_Tron_by_Herbert_lowis Tron_Tron_Zbrush_by_Herbert_lowis

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