Halo 4 Assets and Environment by Paul Pepera

Paul Pepera currently the Lead Mission Artist at 343 Industries working on Halo series, the recently released one is Halo 4. Paul had worked at ID Software and Timegate Studios before. He have few titles under his belt such as Section 8 and Red Orchestra. All his stuff are super high quality and really show his hard surface skill.

Source – http://www.peperaart.com/

Paul_pepera-halo-4-hologram-room Paul_pepera-halo-4-cryoroom Paul_pepera-halo-4-armory-room Paul_pepera-forerunner-towers-halo-4 Paul_pepera-cortana-plinth-halo-4 Paul_pepera-control-switch-halo-4 Paul_pepera-chief-s-cryotube-halo-4

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