Modern Combat 4 Weapons by Alan Van Ryzin

Alan Van Ryzin is the co owner of Art Bully Productions located in New York, USA. His primary expertise is hard surface assets, something like weapon and vehicle, and it all supported by his kick ass texturing. He have work on many amazing titles such as Hawken (PC), Planetside 2 (PC), Homefront (PC, 360, PS3), Darkness 2 (PC, 360, PS3), RAGE (PC, 360, PS3), Doom 4 (PC, 360, PS3) and many more.

Below are some of his work from Gameloft”s Modern Combat 4

Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_ Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_ak200_textured Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_gl06_textured Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_m1014_textured Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_ump45_textured Alan_Van_Ryzin_modern_combat_4_weapon_uzipro_textured

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