Rage Props And Environment by James Kincaid

James Kincaid is an environment artist working at ID Software. He have been working at game industry since 2008 and have shipped 3 titles with his name on the credits, Rage (360, PS3, PC), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Wii, PS2) and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (NDS). Below are some of his work from the game Rage by ID Software.

James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_Bridge_2 James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_bridge_head James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_lift James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_power_cell James_Kincaid_Rage_walkie James_Kincaid_Rage_id_drive James_Kincaid_Rage_Jackal_crane James_Kincaid_Rage_or_bag James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_base James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_base_tex1 James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_base_tex2 James_Kincaid_Rage_Regime_base_tex3

Source – http://www.jameskincaidgameart.com

All images copyrighted to their respective owner

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