Warface Weapons by Pavel Petrenko

Pavel Petrenko currently a freelance artist specializing at hard surface assets and props, such as weapon, vehicle and sci fi stuff. Before going freelance Pavel worked at Crytek Kiev, Ukraine working on the free to play first person shooter Warface, which utilize Cry Engine 3. Pavel created many weapons on this game and all looks amazing with consistent quality of model detail and texture on every weapon. Warface currently being planned to be published by Trion World for western market, and Nexon is the publisher for South Korea and Taiwan.

Pavel Petrenko also worked for Liquid Development for few years as a freelancer. With Liquid Pavel worked on few titles like Borderlands, Borderlands 2), Dragon Age 2, FireFall,  Brothers in Arms: Furious 4.

Here are some of Pavel Petrenko work on Warface weapon

saiga12HP Saiga12 Saiga12-2 Warface Weapon p90_hp Mg3_HP mc255_12 M16_Hp Warface Weapon kriss_HP FN_HP3 FN_HP1 Colt_python2 Warface Weapon Bin_Hp AWM_HP Warface Weapon AS50HP Warface Weapon Warface Weapon Scar_Hp Scar Scar2


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Source – http://www.pavelpetrenko.com/


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