Wildstar Concept Art by Cory Loftis

Wildstar is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. This MMO presents a very distinct unique art style, with hand painted texture and stylized character and environment. The setting of Wildstar is Nexus, a planet on the far side of the currently known galaxy. From the website, the game currently pit Exile against Dominion, these 2 factions feature many race, such as human, Cassian, Draken and many other.

Cory Loftis currently a Visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Animation, before that he was the Lead Artist at Carbine Studios for 6 years. Cory is one of the individual that define the looks of Wildstar, check out some of his concept art work for this uniquely looking MMORPG

Wildstar Concept Art Wildstar Concept Art Creatures03 Wildstar Monster Concept Art Wildstar Monster Concept Art Wildstar Character Concept Art enviro01 Wildstar Concept Art props01 Rocks ship01 bigloftitegroup Wildstar Concept Art Wildstar Concept Art Wildstar Concept Art


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