Arkham Origins Character Art by Jocelyn Zeller

Arkham Origins is the latest entry in the Arkham franchise that was created by Rocksteady Studios, but in this installment it was developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal, a pretty new studio founded in 2010, and done a Wii U port for Arkham City with the Armored Edition.

Despite being a new studio, WB Montreal done a good job with the latest Arkham game with metacritic score currently at 76. Arkham Origins tell the story of younger, rougher Batman and it was shown with the attitude and the gadgets that are still in prototype rag tag style. It is also the only Arkham game that have multiplayer, which that element was developed by Splash Damage, a studio best known for Brink and Enemy Territory franchise.

Jocelyn Zeller is one the character artist at Warner Brothers Games Montreal. He created some of the most iconic character in the game, such as Joker with the Red Hood variant, Bane, Firefly and also Killer Crocs. Before WB Montreal, Jocelyn works for Gameloft also at Montreal.

Check out some of Jocelyn Zeller character works for Arkham Origins

Joker Arkham Origins Character Art Bane Arkham Origins Character Art Bane Arkham Origins Character Art Firefly Arkham Origins Character Art Joker Arkham Origins Character Art jocz-batman-arkham-origins-joker-blendshapes Joker Red Hood Arkham Origins Character Art Killer Crocs Arkham Origins Character Art jocz-killer-croc-fan-art

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