Comicon Challenge 2014 Winner

Comicon Challenge is an annual video game art challenge event held by It focuses on character art, where participant needs to re imagined their comic character of choice and build a game model or concept art of it. With awesome judges and cool character artists competing, this challenge have produce many character arts we never imagined before, from Brainiac to Hawk Girl and Judge Dredd, here are some of them from 2014 event

Comicon Brainiac Comicon Brainiac Comicon Hawk Girl Comicon Hawk Girl cgnara-163419-comicon-challenge-2014-main-image-1395079837 Comicon Joker danpetro-32358-comicon-challenge-2014-additional-image-2-1395189889 Comicon Robin joymepls-46832-comicon-challenge-2014-additional-image-2-1395286171 joymepls-46832-comicon-challenge-2014-main-image-1395286126 Comicon Judge Dredd stepanchikov-14450-comicon-challenge-2014-additional-image-2-1395189720 ballo-4630-comicon-challenge-2014-additional-image-1-1395270530

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